Rick Nicholls
Chatham-Kent - Leamington

Statement from PC Critic for Community Safety and Correctional Services MPP Rick Nicholls of Incident at South West Detention Centre
June 26, 2015

The incident at the South West Detention Centre demonstrates the government’s lack of interest in making sure staff and inmates have the appropriate safety measures in place to prevent these events from happening.

Even though this is a new facility, the old problems exist. The government cannot expect things to change if proper investments in staffing are not done.

24 inmates affected by the incident have been moved out of their current bunk to accommodate repairs.

Ontario detention centres must be properly staffed so that they can be better prepared to intercept the start of these types of disturbances so that little or no damage can occur.

The estimated 3 weeks to repair the damages is unacceptable. We encourage the Minister to order the repairs to be completed sooner to be able to restore the South West Detention centre back to regular operations as soon as possible.

We need to ensure that the men and woman who work in these centres have the protection they need to do their jobs.

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